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In Focus: Sportmax
In Focus: Sportmax

In Focus: Sportmax

“The collection is a manifesto of empowerment and deconstruction of the ideal of the femme fatale,” the Sportmax design team explained after they turned the dial on Hot Girl Moment energy for autumn/winter 22. “An aesthetic short circuit, made of contrasts between provocative and restraint,” they continued as we all recovered from the sartorial seduction on display inside the pink-hued Milan-based show venue. Presenting an ode to the past, present and future of female sexuality by playfully deciphering classic depictions of power on screen through a contemporary lens, the collection is a combination of meta-narrative archetypes redefined through silhouette-shaping tailoring, sculptural draping, and peek-a-boo cut-outs.

From the moment it was founded in 1969, Sportmax has built its heritage on a strong base of beautiful Italian craftsmanship and bold innovation. Unafraid of clean, intelligent lines and forms, this truly modern design house continually embraces the new and imagines the future by its constant research into cut, colour, textiles and technology. While Helmut Newton’s woman was on the Dial ‘S’ for… moodboard alongside cinematic femme fatale icons, the Milan-based design studio designed the collection for the women of now. From model-of-the-moment Steingberg channelling her inner “she demon” for the Mario Sorrenti-shot campaign to an evening-beguiling Zendaya wearing a full tailored look while attending this year’s Vanity Fair Oscar party, this Sportmax collection has transformative qualities. Inspired, LN-CC invited photographer and videographer Tom Goddard to montage new face Dalton Subois’ own Hot Girl Moment. Throughout his multi-layered visual practice, the Salisbury-raised, London-based talent intuitively uses his lens to empower, while adding elements of kitsch, humour and sensuality amongst the darkness. With Dalton’s inner she demon unleashed, LN-CC calls Tom to learn more about his work and world.

In Focus: Sportmax

Firstly, where are you, how are you and what have these questions interrupted you from?
Hey! I’m currently in Paris, on my sofa nursing a hangover, editing, eating and watching the RHOBH reunion drama.

Oh the drama! We know you as a multi-hyphenate creative – model, photographer and videographer – but how do you like to introduce yourself? Essentially, can you tell us who Tom Goddard is, what you do and why you do it?
I have dabbled in so many different creative fields but I always introduce myself as a photographer as that’s my main craft and passion. For years now, I’ve been creating photography and videography working with magazines and freelance. It sounds cliché but I just love to create interesting, beautiful images. Collaborating with teams of people with different expertise and creative views and outlets to create a whole new little world with its own narrative within the visuals. From research to casting, building a team to developing film, selecting images to post production, I genuinely enjoy the whole process.

In Focus: Sportmax

This genuine love for the craft is reflected in your work. What would you say is the strongest truth about your creative practice?
The strongest truth? You never stop learning and developing your craft and aesthetic; every mistake is a lesson!

As the collection plays with Femme Fatale archetypes and presents a sartorial manifesto of empowerment, we have a few quick-fire questions. Who, what and why do you think of when you read the words… Femme Fatale?
A sexy, powerful vixen.

… She Demon?
I’m watching American Horror Story for the first time ever at the moment so ‘She Demon’ is giving me the supreme witch / bitch Fiona Goode, played by Jessica Lange.

… Dial 'S' for...
Sex, Slugs, Sausage, Shelley.

In Focus: Sportmax

Past or present, who are your Hot Girl Moment muses?
Pamela Anderson, Kate Moss, Katie Price circa 2009, Lindsay Lohan circa 2007, and Kristen McMenamy.

What was the starting point for this commission, and can you talk us through your process?
This commission was super easy and relaxed. I haven’t actually created much montage work recently but I loooove to do it, either physically cutting up the images and scanning them in or doing it digitally on photoshop. Either way, it’s fun and playful, which hopefully comes out in the images. Also Dalton (the model) was so cute and energetic, literally every image was a winner.

In Focus: Sportmax

Beyond product, what do you hope viewers take away from your visuals?
Intrigue, inspiration and curiosity. I tend to unconsciously represent whoever I’m shooting as strong, dark, powerful, with of course some kitsch aspects, humour and sensuality.

What’s next? Is there anything you’re working on or soon-to-release that you’d like to promote here?
I’m actually super excited as this week my Balenciaga cover story special for Glamcult comes out! Which was shot in Paris with close friends modelling, focusing on queer models and my inner personal circle. So go have a look and buy a copy! Bisous!

Visuals Tom Goddard,@mrtomgoddard
Model Dalton Dubois, MiLK, @milkmodelmanagement

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