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Platform: MCQ x Pablo + Tom
Platform: MCQ x Pablo + Tom

Platform: MCQ x Pablo + Tom

Creating waves when it first launched in 2020, tech-led label MCQ continues to defy tradition with collaborative collections crafted by select creatives from its global community. In rejecting the mould of a single voice from a single creative director, MCQ is uniquely placed to craft capsules, aptly known as icons, that precisely capture the global zeitgeist and embody what community truly means in an increasingly connected world.

In pursuit of increased connectivity, insight and disruptive ideas, MCQ joins LN-CC in conversation with Paris-based friends and collaborators Pablo Attal and Tom Ducarouge. After meeting in 2014 as teenagers, the pair have continually collaborated ever since. Growing up together, constantly pushing one another forward.

Pablo, Tom, thank you so much for joining us for this latest episode of Collaborators In Conversation. Throughout this series, we're investigating how and why our favorite, creative collaborators collaborate.
Pablo: Thanks for having us, it’s a great topic. Both Tom and myself were intrigued by the opportunity to chat through our collaboration..

Collaboration has almost become a dirty word in fashion through oversaturation, but both LN-CC and MCQ believe that when it's done, right, collaboration is so powerful and you two demonstrate that.
Tom: MCQ is a great example of good collaboration. Every time we’ve worked with them, it has been great...

Exactly, From everyone we’ve spoken to that has worked with them, MCQ gives space and a platform to creatives so they’re able to go away and push ideas forward. In terms of the two of you, when and where did you meet?
Tom: We met five, six years ago.

Pablo: Longer! We met in 2014. I was 14 years old and has started throwing parties. I was from a certain part of Paris and my group of friends wanted to open up our world, so we started parties. The energy needed to be embraced by more than just us, so we started to bring in new people and new entities. I met Tom's best friend Noah before I met him at one of the parties and we developed a link. We met as two young minds, eager to become our more mature selves. We connected around sneakers and now, eight years later, he’s a designer and I own a garment factory!

Tom: There’s an element of mystery in collaboration. You don't know which people that you’ll develop a stronger link with. Sometimes it works, sometimes not and sometimes it takes a while to become meaningful. That's part of the magic.

Pablo: What was special with our relationship and with the rest of our group of friends is that we each had a circle of friendship that was initially based on our neighborhoods but evolved to become based on interests and obsessions. When that happened, I knew that my group of friends would become more than a group of friends, and we would end up collaborating or working together in a sense.

Platform: MCQ x Pablo + Tom

It’s all about connections and community, it's almost like a family, right?
Pablo: In that sense, our friendship has always been a collaboration. And, and it's funny, because all the projects we've been working on ever since there's always that balance, that blurry balance, that is sometimes great, sometimes really, really tricky. We are friends, but also we create. And in another sense, we work together.

Both of you work across different mediums. different genres, explore different different aspects of culture. There’s a sense that you’re always creating.
Pablo: Tom and myself connect, specifically, because he's so him and I'm so me. We are so different and so alike at the same time. Tom is a designer, an architect, an interior designer, he just creates. For me, Tom has always been the guy that I could throw ideas to and he will find a way to make it happen.

Tom: Ours is a complementary relationship full of ideas and a determination to push for what it is.

Pablo: That's why this whole friendship collaboration thing is everlasting. I'm sure that I will always have ideas and Tom will play some part in the process to make them better or just make it sometimes.

Tom: We’re continually feeding this friendship with different projects and ambitions.

Pablo: It’s the rhythm that we have.

Tom: It’s an energy that we have when we’re together.

Meeting at 14/15, you’ve grown up together…
Pablo: It’s been an amazing journey, a beautiful relationship but it’s funny, I’ve just turned 24 and we’re still at the beginning of our careers. If I analyse my career and our friendship, everything is connected. Our friendship has allowed me to become who I am and where I am.

Tom: We will still have some ideas in 10, 20 30 years and I know we will want to create together, there is no ending.

Pablo: I hope there is no ending. The only challenge will be to maintain that genuine relationship and that beautiful friendship. But as long as this is maintained, I don't see how our collaboration could ever end.

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